Private Client
Puglia, Italy, 2013
90 mq

In partnership with Claudio Silvestrin

Spinelli residence is a private house conceived as a thinking retreat with a marvellous view of the blue sea off the west coast of Puglia.

In the middle of an unspoiled plot of land, hidden from the street by centenary olive trees, there is an Ncurtaturu, a vernacular dwelling encircled by dry stone walls. 1+1=1 architects chose to design the new residence as a prefabricated wooden box inside the Ncurtaturu, detached from the stone walls of the pre-existing structure. spinelli residence is a home where past and present, stone and wood, hard and soft, masculine and feminine coexist harmoniously.

Credits: Claudio Silvestrin, Giuliana Vittoria Salmaso and Simona Marchetti with Sabine Boettger, Stefania Odelli

Photos: by Rubner Haus