STUDIO GIULIANA SALMASO is a design firm dedicated to creating soulful wellness destinations. The practice designs with a distinct attention to the sensorial qualities of the space created.
Its body of work merges the art of designing with the scientific principles of biophilia and restorativeness, the studies of how brain, body and behaviour respond to the design of the built and natural environment.
Guided by the evidence that “space informs wellbeing” the firm’s practice spans the fields of architecture, interiors, and lifestyle, promoting the integration of restorative principles within the design of spas, hotellerie, corporate and residential wellness.
STUDIO GIULIANA SALMASO brings the most effective design solution to the destress-needs of individuals and corporations worldwide.

Giuliana Salmaso
photo by Tatler Asia


“For as long as I can remember I had the dream of merging soulful architecture with my passion for holistic wellness into a body of work effectively nurturing people’s wellbeing. After diving deep into the oriental teachings and into the science of biophilia and restorativeness, today I feel proud of what I can offer to my clients.                  STUDIO GIULIANA SALMASO creates effective wellness destinations with a soul. Spaces that touch you deeply with the power of regenerating body-mind in a measurable way. Places where you want to go, and where you want to go back”. GVS

Giuliana Salmaso brings extensive experience in designing residential, commercial, and corporate restorative environments.
Originally from Padova, Italy, she graduated in Architecture at IUAV University of Venice followed by a Master’s degree in Architectural and Landscape Psychology at the University of Padua.
She has worked and designed with Claudio Silvestrin for 21 years, first as team leader for several projects, after as partner in 1+1=1 ARCHITECTS, the firm she co-founded with Claudio in 2004.
She founded STUDIO GIULIANA SALMASO in 2019 with a life-centric approach to design. The practice is dedicated to creating indoor and outdoor restorative oases by merging the art of designing with the scientific principles of biophilia, restorativeness and neuroaesthetics, the studies of how the brain, body and behaviour respond to the design of our surroundings.
She lives and works between London and the countryside of Umbria merging in her work the forward-thinking vibe of London with the calmness of the land of Saint Francis of Assisi. Her aim is to help people to de-stress and re-centre by creating science-based oases designed to lower stress, reduce mental fatigue, and activate a sense of positivity and vitality – all of which help people to reach a state of true well-being that enables them to thrive.
From 2004 to 2009, Giuliana taught at Politecnico di Milano, one of Italy’s top schools of Architecture and Design. In 2012, she was awarded with the Prize “Premio Città Impresa” dedicated to creative and innovative professionals from North-East Italy.
She is currently teaching biophilic design in residential, commercial, workplace and hospitality environments at Unicusano University, Rome.
Giuliana brings passion, creativity, and light to everything she does in work and life.