Corporate Client
Copenaghen, Denmark, 2015
255 mq

In partnership with Claudio Silvestrin

Rossopomodoro restaurant is on the top floor of ILLUM, the luxury department store in the heart of Copenhagen. 1+1=1 architects’ brief for this project was to design a unique new image for the renowned Italian pizza brand.

Our design hinges on the ideas of authenticity, naturalness and warmth. The overall ambience is cool yet welcoming due to a distinctive colour palette: red, beige and bronze. The wet kitchen in the middle of the restaurant is concealed by dry reddish Italian stone walls. The earthy walls bring warmth to the entire space and their imposing presence is softened by the gentle features of the pizza oven cladded in black mosaic.

The sharp yet sensual geometric lines of the restaurant furnishings complement this distinctive and organic look. the dining tables are lit by L-shaped lamps with a bronze finish – especially designed for this project.

This work of rigorous geometry and pure, natural materials creates an enhanced brand experience for customers and makes Rossopomodoro at ILLUM copenhagen the first designer pizzeria.


Concept and design: Claudio Silvestrin and Giuliana Vittoria Salmaso

Job Architect: Marco Pavoni

Junior Architects: Eros Novello, Anna Fornasier, Silvia Albano

Photos by Pietro Savorelli and Claudio Silvestrin