Private Client
Berlin, Germany, 2005

In partnership with Claudio Silvestrin
Giuliana Salmaso - Lux Hotel
Giuliana Salmaso - Lux Berlin Hotel
Giuliana Salmaso - Lux Berlin Hotel

Lux11 hotel and residence is a hospitality development located in the vibrant Mitte district of Berlin. the plan consists of 72 rooms.

The typical room is designed as a cohesive open space made in concrete, with the notable exception of a wooden feature linking the bed, desk and sitting area together. each bathroom unit is a single block open feature accessible from the room. the overall geometry of the interiors is neat and powerful.

For this design 1+1=1 architects have chosen a refreshing colour palette: subdued green china for the concrete, warm coloured wood, brown leather for the curtains and canvas for the upholstery. the tension between the hard and rough concrete and the gentle and smooth touches of the fabric, leather and wood creates an ideal balance that subtly enhances the luxurious feel of each apartment.

Credits: Claudio Silvestrin and Giuliana Vittoria Salmaso with Nicolas Caperan, Lian Cronje