1+1=1 CANDLE

Candle, 2007

In partnership with Claudio Silvestrin
Giuliana Salmaso - Candle
Giuliana Salmaso - Candle

1+1 Candle bonds love and design together. The inspiration for it came from Chilean poet Pablo Neruda’s line: two happy lovers make one bread. This solid 27x27x27cm square candle is made up of two equal parts of natural wax in two shades. The subtle difference in colour tone is visible mostly when the candle is lit. The wick passes all the way through the candle, making it usable from both sides, so that at one point the two halves of the candle can meet. Its design and meaning make it the perfect gift for a significant other.

Manufactured in Italy.

To make a purchase please email: info@giulianasalmaso.com.

Credits: Claudio Silvestrin and Giuliana Vittoria Salmaso.