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My attention is involuntarily captured by interesting stimuli in the space around me. *

I feel psychologically far away from everyday pressure and other sources of stress in this space. *

I would spend time getting away from my daily routine in this place. *

Express your satisfaction with the place you have chosen, considering your view of green spaces and nature (high vote: there are enough, I am satisfied, low vote: there aren’t any, I would like more) *

I feel like there aren’t many obstacles or barriers that prevent me from doing what I like in this space. *

This place feels familiar to me; I know it and I feel comfortable. *

I feel like this place has no limits; it’s big enough for me to explore it in multiple directions. *

Places like the one I have chosen, stimulate my curiosity. *

I feel like there are spaces dedicated to those who need to have a private conversation in this place. *

The light is adequate for the activities I must carry out in this place. *